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Open Philately is a competitive class in FIP (Fédération Internationale de Philatélie) stamp exhibitions, allowing exhibitors to display all forms of material related to the theme of their exhibit, including items not normally allowed in traditional philatelic exhibits.

Open Philately exhibits allow for a mix of traditional philatelic material like stamps, covers, postal stationery, etc., and non-philatelic material that directly relates to the exhibit’s subject. This can include a wide variety of items such as photos, postcards, coins, medals, documents, and more. The non-philatelic material must support the story or theme and add value to the exhibit.

The purpose of Open Philately is to broaden the range of exhibits, attract a wider audience to philately, and give exhibitors the freedom to tell their story in a comprehensive and creative way. It can appeal to collectors who are interested in more than just the traditional aspects of stamp collecting.

“開方式郵集” 是國際郵聯(FIP)郵票展覽中的一個競賽類別,讓參展者可以展示與他們展覽主題相關的所有材料,包括在傳統的郵學展覽中通常不允許的項目。



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