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About 2005, I began collecting airmail from Macau. Alongside this, I also acquired a large number of airmail covers and postal cards from the period of the second Sino-Japanese war. These items were either sent from or addressed to areas in China that were Free or Occupied by Japanese at the time. I observed that some of these covers were inscribed in German. Notably, several of these covers were intended for recipients in Shanghai, but without a specific physical address. Instead, they were marked with the French term “postal restante”. This is a service where the post office holds mail until the recipient comes to retrieve it. This service is typically used by individuals who are visiting a particular location and do not require, or cannot facilitate, mail delivery to their temporary place of residence.

I found this interesting, and it prompted me to delve into postal history research. I sought to understand why, during this period, so many people were traveling to Shanghai with no specified address, just the mention of “postal restante”. This was particularly curious as Shanghai was deemed unsafe amidst the Japanese invasion of China. My research led to a remarkable revelation: Shanghai was the only place at the time that was open to Jewish refugees.  Shanghai, despite its teeming population and rampant poverty, was the only place on Earth willing to accept them with or without papers. It was an exception that, for thousands, meant the difference between life and death.

Since 2005, I’ve been collecting these materials and I believe I’ve now accumulated enough to put together a FIP (Fédération Internationale de Philatélie) stamp exhibition. The creation of this website is primarily aimed at assisting me in capturing the details of each item destined for the exhibition page. As each item requires a generous amount of space for its display and interpretation, the limitations of a physical exhibition page prove inadequate. This is where the website comes in handy, allowing me to transcend the confines of a physical page. It offers me the flexibility to expand upon and narrate the story behind each unique item comprehensively. I hope you find enjoyment in exploring this website and warmly invite any comments, corrections of my mistakes or suggestions you might have and greatly appreciate your feedback.

小弟自2005年以來,開始收集來自澳門的航空郵件。由始,收集了大量來自第二次中日戰爭時期的航空信封和郵政明信片。這些郵件是從國統自由區或日本佔領區寄往或發出。注意其中一些寄往上海的郵件未指明實體地址,而是標注了法語詞彙 “Postal Restante”, “存局候領”這種服務指的是郵局保管郵件,直到收件人到局取件的服務。常用於因故缺固定居所可供寄遞的收件人,例如短期到訪某地。

這種情況引起了我的強烈興趣,驅使我深入研究這時期的郵政歷史。為什麼在不安全的日本侵華期間有如此多的人去上海沒有地址, 只留 “存局候領” “Postal Restante” 我的研究帶我找到了一個震驚的事實:那時候,上儘管上海人口眾多,貧困橫行,但它卻是地球上唯一無論有無證件都願意接納猶太人的地方。對於數以萬計的人來說,這實際上是決定生死的關鍵時刻。


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